For Artists, Nonprofits, and Small Businesses
Jazzspace is a Pittsburgh-based nonprofit consulting firm founded by Maggie Richardson in 2012 to help small nonprofits achieve their marketing goals, but has since grown to include everything from project management to strategic planning.

Practice Areas

Project Management - You are ready to turn your ideas for a new program or service into a reality. Jazzspace can manage the details from developing timelines, sourcing and acquiring needed resources, facilitating meetings with staff, vendors, and other stakeholders, and generating progress reports.

Collaboration Management - You want to partner with another organization(s) but need a knowledgeable and neutral third party to help manage the details from expenditures to work distribution. Jazzspace helps facilitate project planning, meetings, work distribution, and deadlines so you can focus on your respective areas of expertise.

Capacity Building - Your organization is in growth mode. Jazzspace can help you define staff roles and job descriptions, create an appropriate organizational structure, and streamline administrative duties. So that you can stay focused on the programs and services you are passionate about providing. Including:

      • Communication strategies for marketing and fundraising
      • Technology needs analysis and implementations from email platforms to accounting/bookkeeping software to CRMs (Customer Relationship Management databases)
      • Process improvements to streamline administrative work

Research and Benchmarking - You want to evaluate the needs and interests of your organization's constituents and your wider community. Jazzspace can help you ask the right questions in the right way to ensure you receive actionable answers using methodologies ranging from surveys to focus groups to analysis of publicly available data.

Strategic Planning - You want to plot your roadmap for the next three to five years to keep your organization focused and relevant. Jazzspace can help you dig deep to determine the goals, objectives, and action steps to keep you moving in your desired direction.